120kg Olympic Weight Plates, Barbell, Bench, Racks Semi-Pro Gym Set



120kg Olympic Weight Plates, Barbell, Bench, Racks Semi-Pro Gym Set

* 220cm 50mm Olympic Barbell 20kg.

* Heavy Duty Semi-Pro Adjustable Bench Press MS-L101

* Heavy Duty Semi-Pro Adjustable Gym Racks MS-S107

*100kg Premium Olympic Tri-Grip Rubbered Weight Plates

2x 20kg, 4x 10kg, 4x 5kg

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Please note – it is possible to change the bench or stands for different ones (adding or deducting the price difference). Please contact us via email homegymstore.ie@gmail.com if you want to do so.

* Premium Olympic Tri-Grip Rubbered Weight Plates – 100kg total

2x 20kg, 4x 10kg, 4x 5kg

* 220cm 50mm Olympic Barbell 20kg.

* Heavy Duty L101 Semi-Pro Adjustable Bench Press

* Heavy Duty Gym Barbell Stands S107

Olympic PREMIUM plates are made of a high-quality blend of virgin rubber and polyurethane. The combination of an attractive price and high quality product. Loads available in standard weights 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg. Loads will work great with the use of a bar or free weight machines.


We would like to introduce you to one of the most popular models of the Semi-Pro series benches, the S-L101 two-sided bench.

The bench allows you to adjust the backrest angle in ten levels. This solution will allow you to exercise your chest muscles from many different angles. Thanks to this, your training will be even more efficient!
The seat is adjustable in three levels, so you can perfectly adjust it to the angle of the bench’s backrest. Properly adjusted seat will provide you with a stable position while exercising.

The bench is equipped with a modern and comfortable upholstery 5 cm thick, which thanks to optimally selected stiffness perfectly adapts to the shape of the exercising body.

In the latest version of this model, we used the backrest adjustment based on two hooks made of metal. Thanks to this, we have obtained the possibility of adjusting the backrest in several additional levels. In this model, you have as many as ten backrest adjustment angles, including a negative angle!

You can optionally attach a preacher or a leg training device to the bench. This model is the perfect choice for people who have limited space for the gym

Height: 46 cm

Width: 61 cm

Length: 130 cm, 156 cm (at 0 ° backrest angle)

Backrest dimensions: 81 x 27 cm

Seat dimensions: 30 x 27 cm

Weight: 22.3 kg

Seat adjustment: 3 positions

Maximum load: 300 kg

Profiles: 50 x 50 x 2 mm

Material: steel

Finish powder: painting

Backrest adjustment: 10 positions, -20 ° ÷ + 85 °


We present a new model of gate stands with protection with our new Semi-Pro line.

The MS-S107 model is the perfect equipment for demanding users who need durable stands with 100% sure protection.

The stands have three levels of spacing adjustment, thanks to which you can perfectly match them to the length of your barbell.

Equipped with a six-step belay and three-level adjustable safety hooks, the MS-S107 stands are a universal tool for general training.

Four load-bearing bars, 22 cm long and 25 mm in diameter, allow for placing plates with a diameter of 25 mm or more. You always have extra loads at hand!

The strong structure is made of a durable 50x50x2 mm profile, one hundred percent stability is ensured by the large base area of each stand.

The stands have safety hooks that will ensure your safety during shoulder exercises or squats with a barbell.

The safety hooks are adjustable in three levels: 60, 65 and 104 cm.

ou will set the initial position of the barbell at a suitable height for you, which will additionally improve the comfort of your training

Height: 166 cm

Width: max. 160 cm ,min. 140 cm

Length: 107 cm

Weight: 35 kg

Hook adjustment: 3 positions

Track adjustment: 3 levels 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm

Maximum load: 300 kg

Profiles: 50 x 50 x 2 mm

Material: steel

Finish: powder painting


Type of stands: combined

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