200kg Multipurpose Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench MHL111



Line: Home      Weight: 17.5kg        Max Load: 200kg

200kg Multipurpose Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench MHL111

We present the new generation foldable, universal bench MH-L111 from the home equipment line, which will satisfy even the best supplement of the athlete.

As many as eight backrest adjustment angles and three seat adjustment options, something you’ve been waiting for to make your training even more effective and comfortable. We also took care of the visual side – the shape of the upholstery is not oval as standard, but square, which clearly distinguishes it from other devices of this type on the market.
Our bench was created with multitasking in mind. We wanted to create equipment that will serve you for years and give you a full-size but compact gym in the comfort of your home. We have a short route from idea to action and that’s how we give you equipment on which you can perform exercises such as crunches, incline and decline dumbbell presses, push-ups, leg raises, spreads in lying on the bench and many other exercises!

The bench is made of the highest quality materials. And thanks to its multifunctionality, it will be perfect for a home gym. Modern design adds character to it and makes it impossible to pass by indifferently.
Variety of exercises
Biceps, back, legs or abs – with our training bench you will earn strong, modeled muscles of the whole body! We give you a comprehensive solution for every muscle group. On it you can do push-ups, leg raises or bicep curls. You decide which part of the body you want to work on at the moment. The bench will allow you to keep fit and strengthen and shape your muscles.
Home gym equipment must be compact and functional. Bench MH-L111 can be easily folded by unscrewing the front leg and pulling out the pin. You can hide the bench in this form in a convenient place for you.
Eight backrest angles and three seat angles
Eight backrest adjustment angles, including two in a negative slant and three seat levels, is a solution not only functional but also fully adapted to your needs. You choose your level of advancement during the exercises. You can safely and comfortably change the position of the backrest during exercise thanks to the quick adjustment using the knobs.

Adjustable inclination of the bottom sponges
Your height doesn’t matter with us! Everyone can exercise on our bench – high and low, because the bench has been equipped with adjustable inclination of the bottom sponges, thanks to which you can adjust the equipment to the length of your legs.
Adjustable upper sponges with additional handles
Our bench is distinguished by a wide range of exercises that you can do on it. In this model, we used adjustable upper sponges with additional handles, thanks to which you can easily perform exercises for the lower abdominal muscles.
Ergonomic and comfortable upholstery
Thicker upholstery with ergonomic shapes will significantly increase your comfort during exercise. To make the upholstery stronger and more resistant to abrasion, we decided to use additional stitching. We secured the place most exposed to abrasion with a double layer of leather, on which we embroidered our logo. In addition, in the new model, the upholstery is screwed on with screws, which makes it easier to assemble.

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200kg Multipurpose Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench MHL111