400kg Heavy Duty Adjustable Gym Barbell Stands Squat Rack Kelton HS1

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Line: SemiPro      Weight: 15kg        Max Load: 400kg 

400kg Heavy Duty Adjustable Gym Barbell Stands Squat Rack Kelton HS1

Elevate your strength training regimen with the Kelton HS1, a pinnacle in heavy-duty fitness equipment. This 400kg Heavy Duty Adjustable Gym Barbell Stand Squat Rack boasts a stable 50x50x2 mm profile ensuring safety during training. Its robust structure withstands up to 400kg, complemented by durable welds and a secure base for unwavering stability. Enjoy customizable workouts with an 8-step rack insert for height adjustments and versatile spacing suitable for barbells ranging from 120 cm to 213 cm. Rubber-coated hooks ensure a secure grip and silent workouts, prioritizing your comfort and convenience. Meticulously designed overlays and plugs emphasize our commitment to safety and aesthetics. Endorsed by top-tier strength training specialists at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, the Kelton HS1 is a testament to excellence, ensuring you invest in top-notch, proven equipment for your fitness journey. Elevate your home gym experience with the Kelton HS1, where safety, versatility, and style converge to redefine your strength training sessions.

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400kg Heavy Duty Adjustable Gym Barbell Stands Squat Rack Kelton HS1

Introducing the Kelton HS1 – a powerhouse in heavy-duty adjustable gym barbell stands, designed to redefine your strength training experience. Crafted with precision and innovation, these stands offer a stable structure constructed from a 50x50x2 mm profile, ensuring your safety is paramount during every workout.

**Built for Strength:**
Boasting a remarkable resistance of up to 400 kilograms, the Kelton HS1 stands are engineered for durability. The quality welds, built to withstand years of rigorous use, make this piece of equipment a testament to strength and reliability.

**Robust Base for Unparalleled Stability:**
Experience a 100% sense of security with the powerful base that guarantees unparalleled stability during your workouts. No matter the intensity of your lifts, the Kelton HS1 stands provide a solid foundation to support your fitness goals.

**Versatile Height Adjustments:**
Achieve the perfect workout setup with the 8-step adjustment feature, allowing you to tailor the height of the stands for both barbell press and barbell squats. This versatility ensures that your training sessions are optimized for maximum efficiency and comfort.

**Adaptable Spacing for Any Barbell:**
Enjoy the freedom of exercising with any type of barbell, thanks to the adjustable spacing feature that accommodates barbells ranging from 120 cm to 213 cm. Whether you prefer Olympic or standard barbells, the Kelton HS1 stands are designed to meet your diverse training needs.

**Rubber-Coated Hooks for Enhanced Grip:**
Experience silent and secure training sessions with rubber-coated hooks that prevent barbell slippage when placing it on the stands. The thoughtful design ensures a quiet and focused workout, making it ideal for home exercise environments.

**Precision Details for Safety and Aesthetics:**
Every detail of the Kelton HS1 stands is meticulously designed to prioritize safety and aesthetics. From overlays to plugs, we’ve considered every aspect to provide not only a secure training environment but also an equipment piece that complements your space with its sleek finish.

**Academy-Approved Excellence:**
Rest assured that you are investing in top-tier equipment tested and approved by professors from the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. Our stands have undergone rigorous testing by strength training specialists, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Elevate your strength training experience with the Kelton HS1 Heavy Duty Adjustable Gym Barbell Stands – where innovation, durability, and safety converge to redefine your fitness journey.

Dimensions 45 cm x 91 cm – 154 cm x 45 cm
(length x height x width)
Weight 15 kg
Tested strength of 400 kg
Construction profile 50x50x2 mm
Base width 45 cm
Base length 45 cm
Extension adjustment 91 cm-154 cm (8 levels every 9 cm)