Bushido MMA Gloves ARM2023

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Bushido MMA Gloves ARM2023 are a model that is perfect for everyday technical training of mixed martial arts and Krav Maga. This model of gloves is also perfect for training with equipment (e.g. punching bag, targets, etc.)

Why is it worth choosing this model of MMA gloves?

Additional thumb guard to improve safety during impacts.
The construction of the gloves allows you to keep the grip capabilities
The gloves have been anatomically contoured to ensure comfort and proper clenching of the hand.
The gloves meet European safety standards (PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN 13277-7: 2010)

The gloves can be successfully used both during training of mixed martial arts and during training with devices (punching bag, shields, reflex pears, etc.). Thanks to the open inside, the gloves allow you to keep your grip.

The gloves are made of reinforced synthetic leather with increased flexibility, thanks to which they do not break or rub your hands during training.
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The gloves, thanks to the exposed inner side, provide excellent ventilation and grip capabilities. The inside of the gloves is trimmed with smooth material to prevent abrasions during intense workouts. An additional thumb guard protects it from abrasions.
The gloves have a wide, durable Velcro that guarantees proper stiffening of the wrist, reducing the risk of injury.
Durable filling and proper profiling – in order to ensure maximum protection, the gloves use injected foam with increased density. The filling used perfectly absorbs impacts and does not clump or deform over time. The gloves are anatomically contoured to facilitate comfortable clenching of the hand.
Safety and comfort during training.
The issue of safety during training is a priority for us, which is why the gloves have been designed and made in accordance with European safety standards: PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN 13277-7: 2010

Additionally, each model of gloves, before being introduced to regular production, undergoes intensive tests under training conditions. Thanks to cooperation with leading fighters and martial arts trainers, we check the durability and comfort of the structures and materials used. Only those models of gloves that ensure compliance with safety standards and successfully pass training tests are introduced to our offer. Thanks to this two-step verification, you can be sure that the product you choose is not only safe but also comfortable during training.

Bushido MMA Gloves ARM2023

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