Bushido Power Band Green 44mm Resistance 23-57kg


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Power Band training bands by DBX Bushido are made of high-quality latex rubber with increased strength parameters.

Bushido rubbers, thanks to the use of the best quality materials, are resistant to tearing and do not lose their properties during intense workouts.

DBX BUSHIDO rubbers enable comprehensive training of the whole body and the number of exercises you can perform with them is limited only by your creativity.

Due to the very high strength of the elastics, they are often used when learning exercises that use your own body weight, especially when learning to pull up on a bar.

The rubbers are up to 208 cm long, so you can successfully use them in virtually any sports discipline and strength training, e.g. learning to pull up on a bar, lifting weights or powerlifting.
Power Band 44 rubber parameters
Green colour
Dimensions: 208 cm x 44 cm x 4.5 cm
Stringing resistance / power: 23 – 57 KG
Application: stretching exercises, speed exercises, aerobics, rehabilitation, assistance with pull-ups and exercises on the bar

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