Bushido Professional Kids Punch Bag DBX Junior W80RED

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Professional punching bag for children and teenagers DBX Junior W80RED

A punching bag, 80 cm high and 30 cm in diameter and weighing 15 – 20 kg, is a great choice for children and teenagers aged 5 to 14 years.

Thanks to its large size and weight, the bag is perfect for both amateur training and the initiation of professional martial arts training.

The most important advantages of this bag model:

✅ Made of a very durable plavil with a protective layer on both sides.

✅ The material is resistant to dirt and weather conditions

✅ Chains and swivel included with the bag

The main benefits of the child’s training on the punching bag:

Improving physical condition
Improving motor coordination
Strengthening the shoulder muscles and posture muscles
Discharge of excess energy
Suspending confidence in their own abilities
Great fun

Perfect workmanship
The same materials and filling were used in the production of the bag as is the case in our series of professional bags used by leading fighters in Poland and abroad.

Such solutions ensure that the bag is not a toy, but a professional equipment that will withstand many years of training loads not only of your child, but also yours if you want to.
We use a specially prepared mixture of several fillers to fill our bags.
Thanks to the combination of several types of filling, our bags not only have the right weight but also provide adequate flexibility, thanks to which the bag does not deform under the influence of impacts.
The appropriate filling method ensures even hardness of the bag over its entire surface.
The size of the bag is 80 cm in length and 30 cm in diameter. Together with the straps and the swivel, the bag has a total length of 120 cm.

Thanks to such sizes, the training will be comfortable for both younger children and teenagers.

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Bushido Professional Kids Punch Bag DBX Junior W80RED