Bushido Professional Weight Lifting Hook Straps DBDG2 – set of 2

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Professional Weight Lifting Hook Straps DBDG2 – set of 2

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Deadlift training hooks DBD-G-2

Training hooks are designed to relieve the hand while lifting the barbell, e.g. during deadlift. The use of hooks increases the safety of training, securing the trainee against leaving the barbell.
Hooks allow for more effective training of large muscle groups (e.g. back and back muscles) by using higher loads and more repetitions. Hooks help to perform additional series of exercises, when our grip can no longer bear the load and slips out of our hands.
Hooks can also be used when pulling up on a bar.
Training hooks, in addition to allowing us to more effective strength training, also protect our hands against blisters and sackcloths.
The handle of the hooks is made of high quality steel ensuring resistance to bending and covered with a non-slip coating that increases comfort during training.
Under the steel grip, gymnastic leather is used to protect the hands from pressure and abrasions.
The hooks in the wrist area have been trimmed with soft foam which is designed to stiffen the wrist and protect against pressure while performing heavy weights.
Strong polyester tape and strong Velcro ensure the stability of the hooks, preventing them from slipping during training. An extra strap can be used for additional weight protection.
Material: steel, polyester, EVA foam
Universal size
Designed for: strength training, deadlifts, pull-ups

Quantity: a set of 2

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