Hex Dumbbells Full Cast Iron 2x 12.5kg



12.5kg Hex Dumbbells Full Cast Iron – price for 2 units


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Hexagonal Cast iron dumbbells – price for 2 units

Loads made of high-quality cast iron, carefully finished, making them suitable for both commercial and home gyms.
The product is made of 100% cast iron in the Polish foundry.
The surface has been painted with a special paint that protects the cast iron and adds aesthetic value to it. The dumbbells are not rubberized.
Weight per unit: 12.5 kg
Product dimensions: 30 x 13 x 13 cm
Handle thickness: 3.3 cm
Handle length: 13 cm
– modern design,
– Perfect for developing muscles, balance,
– Safe, durable and easy to use.


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