Large Professional Profiled Kick Pad 62x35x12cm BUSHIDO T62



The T62 kick pad is a large shield that can be used both for training boxing and kickboxing techniques. Due to its large size and good cushioning, it is especially often used during low kick, middle kick and front kick training.

The shield, thanks to its large dimensions: 62 cm x 35 cm x 12 cm, is perfect for both kick training and punch techniques.

The pad is filled with polyurethane foam, the so-called regenerate, i.e. rebound foam with a hardness of 90lg / m3. This filling provides very good shock absorption, always returns to its original form and does not crumble during intense workouts.

In order to increase the comfort and safety of training, the shield has been appropriately profiled.

This profiling prevents “blows from slipping” from the target – it is very important especially during kick strength training.

The shield is made of a layered plavil – it is a very durable material used, among others, in the production of punching bags. The material is resistant to weather conditions, easy to clean and requires no maintenance.

Each handle is attached in an envelope method that guarantees maximum strength and stability.

All handles have been trimmed with a strong tape to ensure maximum strength and obtain the appropriate thickness to increase the comfort of the handle.

Technical parameters of the T62 training shield:

Material: plawil

Sizes: 62×35 cm

Thickness: 12 cm

Weight: 2.75 kg

Filling: polyurethane foam


Made in Poland

Large Professional Profiled Kick Pad 62x35x12cm BUSHIDO T62

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