RDX X2 Lumbar Back Support Belt



More About RDX X2 Lumbar Back Support Belt

Ergonomically shaped and easy to wear, this neoprene back support belt is ideal for sports or everyday use. Acting as a pain belt or lower back brace, you can enhance your workouts whilst improving your posture at the same time. This belt is ideal for all kinds of lower back pain including PIVD, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Degenerative Disc Disease and Facet Syndrome. And with a special anchor system, enhanced cushioning and flexible spinal cord sprints, providing efficient lumbar support to keep you from injury and slouching.

  • NEO-1™ neoprene for comfort, breathability and a material that hugs the body
  • Unique anchor system for optimum back support
  • Special padding with a carbon fiber stays to improve posture
  • P-Fit™ System along with lumbar support provides a snug fit and pain relief for lower back problems
  • Two flexible steel spinal cord sprints to stop you from slouching

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