Wide Ab Wheel Roller WA10 with knee pads



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WA10 HMS is a wide roller of full body muscle training. The biggest advantage of this model is its wide tread measuring as much as 16.5 cm! Thanks to it, keeping balance is much easier than with standard exercise wheels. The knee pads are also a big advantage, thanks to which we can exercise without fear of abrasions.

The exercise roller has large, ergonomic and non-slip handles, thanks to which the hands do not slip.
Almost the entire body works during exercises with the roller. In addition to the rectus abdominis muscle, deep and oblique muscles are involved. Going higher, the latissimus dorsi muscle, the greater, the minor and the infraspinate muscle are also stimulated to work. Additionally, the arm muscles – the brachial and triceps – also work. In turn, a stable base in kneeling is provided by the tense muscles of the thighs, i.e. the quadriceps, and the buttocks – the great gluteal muscle.
The thickness of the WA10 HMS wheel allows the user to fully focus on the technique of the exercises, which translates into an increase in training effectiveness. Additionally, the WA10 HMS roller has a built-in return spring, which helps the user to return to the starting position during training.
Technical data
Diameter: 19 cm
Handle length: 14 cm
Wheel width: 16.5 cm
Knee pads: 2 pcs, 15.5 x 19.5 cm
Material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber – non-stretchable), PP, steel

Additional information

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