Professional Wrecking Ball Punch Bag XL Boxing Pear ARP512

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Wrecking Ball Punch Bag ARP512 is as high as 70 cm in and 40 cm in diameter. Such large dimensions allow comfortable training of boxing and kickboxing techniques.

The pear shape has been designed to allow you to train a full range of boxing techniques as well as elbow and knee strikes.

Along with the pear bag, you will receive 2 bags with rubber granules which you will be able to fill the pear to a weight of about 25-30 kg (depending on the degree of filling). Such a large weight makes the pear perfect not only during technical training but also during impact strength training, being an excellent alternative to the traditional punching bag.
The ARP-508 pear is made of Rexine material which is a variety of very durable synthetic leather with parameters that surpass even natural leather. Many people call it “new generation leather” because it combines the aesthetics and elasticity of natural leather with resistance to external conditions typical of synthetic materials such as plavil.

Unlike natural leather, this leather does not require maintenance and guarantees the same durability on its entire surface.
The pear is equipped with 3 durable polyester straps, such straps are used, among others, for towing cars. The total load capacity of the chains is over 350 kg

Complete with chains, you get a smoothly working swivel, thanks to which the chains do not twist during training. This solution increases the comfort of training and increases the lifespan of the bag.
The pear has a bottom mount that you can use to further stabilize the pear during training. The holder is used for mounting flexible expanders that will limit the pear’s swinging. You can use the DBX BUSHIDO anchor or other load to which you will tie the expander.

By using the lower mount (anchor) you can control when the pear bag should be lighter and swing more, which is demonstrated during technical training, and when you want to provide yourself with more stability, which is useful during impact strength training.

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Wrecking Ball Punch Bag ARP512